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Test Pilot Program

The drive to make life easier for Spacelift users has always propelled Spacelift’s product philosophy. That’s why we’ve created a test pilot program to gather your feedback on our ideas and invite you for early testing of new functionality. Help us tailor Spacelift to your needs by joining our testing program!

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What’s in it for me?

  • Try it first

    Test our features before they are released to everyone.

  • Get a product that fits

    Help us create UI/UX experiences that meet your needs.

  • Influence the future

    Make a real impact on what we are building.

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Beta releases


    OIDC Backed Keys

    OIDC-based API keys are a more secure alternative to secret-based API keys. They’re based on the OpenID Connect protocol and allow you to eliminate static credentials by replacing them with short-lived ones to improve your security. They’re also more flexible because they can be used to authenticate with Spacelift using any OIDC identity provider.

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    IdP independent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    You can protect your external IdP session using security keys (FIDO2) managed in Spacelift. This provides your identity with a last line of defense even if your IdP is compromised.

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Study types

We use multiple research methods to gather initial feedback on our functionality.

  • Beta testing

    Be the first to test our new features! Help us identify any bugs or issues before a general release. Your feedback ensures our products work as smoothly as possible for our customers.

  • Usability testing

    Take a sneak peek behind the scenes and try out early prototyped ideas with our researchers. Join live or unmoderated usability testing sessions to help surface usability issues and provide feedback.

  • Interviews

    Tell us what you really think! Engage in frank conversations with our researchers so we can learn about how you use our product and listen to your feedback.

  • Surveys

    Highlight your preferences, needs, and expectations by completing product surveys for one of our studies.