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DevOps Conferences & Events 2024

Check out our list of must-attend events for connecting with the DevOps community.

The best DevOps conferences

DevOps events attract the most engaged DevOps practitioners to explore the latest developments in their field. With abundant opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and positive disruption to traditional and siloed work cultures, the best DevOps conferences draw C-Level leaders, key decision-makers, and forward-thinking managers from all industries and businesses.

They come to experiment with new concepts, discover practical solutions to common problems, and connect with experts in their area. Some of the must-attend DevOps conferences in 2024 include the global AWS Summits, Devopsdays, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, AWS re:Invent, DevOpsCon, and the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

These are the flagship events DevOps leaders and pioneers prioritize for their unrivaled access to the cutting-edge technology, trends, strategies, and best practices they need to know about to stay on top of their game. Given that DevOps is all about teamwork, innovation, and collaboration, it is important for DevOps professionals to immerse themselves in continuous learning and upskilling. One of the best ways to do this is to connect with their community at a DevOps conference.

There is renewed enthusiasm to gather and learn about what’s happening in the DevOps culture and the opportunities and challenges of implementing this methodology in organizations. So it’s time to get moving and fill your calendar with the DevOps events that will really add value.

Which DevOps conferences are you attending this year? Explore the following DevOps events to see if they meet your criteria. We look forward to meeting you at some of them!